Unlock the power of your story.

Your new tool to organise your thoughts and unleash your inner voice.


We  have  more  than  6,000  thoughts  a  day, but  not  all thoughts  are  created  equal...

which is why Storia helps you capture and prioritise the thoughts that truly matter.

Put your life events into perspective

Recognise emotions and clear your mind

Unleash your inner voice

Hey,  Liz  here!

Our minds have never been so active, processing everything from content to conversations, the mundane to cherished memories, aspirations, and worries. Basically, we’re overstimulated and living on autopilot.

Consequently, the modern world is now a feedback device; it seeks to tell us who we are, what we should be, and what we should dream about. And it is loud. So loud, in fact, most of us have lost sight of our true, authentic story.

But our inner voice is the engine room of our lives. It requires nurturing. So I'm building Storia to help you separate the signal from the noise. Welcome 👋  

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan

Nurture the essence of who you are.

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